30 Nov Right from the outset, it has had an incredible voice – it’s rich, it’s complex, it’s Clear.

Jim, I’ve had my guitar a little less than two weeks now and I don’t know if I can express how much it has grown on me and how pleased I am with it.  Right from the outset, it has had an incredible voice – it’s rich, it’s complex, it’s clear.  It can be loud or it can be quiet as a whisper and still fill the room.  It’s comfortable to play, beautiful to look at and your workmanship is superb.  There is nothing that I’ll ever be able to play that it couldn’t handle, and it’s only going to improve from here.


Thanks so much for working with me to pick just the right guitar and for setting it up so perfectly.  Thanks for bringing two of your guitars to Idaho Falls and letting me compare them, and thanks for bringing them here again after tweaking them both and letting me compare both of them to my guitar.  My guitar is good, but both of yours were head and shoulders above it and either would have been an excellent choice that I would have been happy with.  It was very unfair of you to give me a choice between such fine guitars.  The one I chose, which you had named Sacajawea, just seemed to suit me better and I can’t be more delighted.  I’ll keep you posted as we progress.

hop over to these guys  

– Bruce Angle


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