James White Custom Classical Guitars




I build only a few classical guitars each year, I take my time and focus all of my attention on every tiny detail, for me it is a labor of love.


In 1977 I was very fortunate when Luthier Jeffrey R. Elliott took my under his wing. Jeff is internationally renowned for his exquisite classical guitars, he guided and inspired me, patiently and graciously sharing his gentle wisdom and closely held secrets of building and repairing fine classical and steel-stringed instruments. Over the years I have finely honed my craft and technique and evolved my own unique style and methods.


Like most artisans who work with wood I am very picky about my tools and my materials. I am always looking for that perfect set of woods. I have tops and backs and sides that I have hoarded for over thirty years. They are just waiting for the right time. I pride myself on my inlay work and I welcome challenges and the opportunity to create something truly unique for you. My goal is to build an elegant and wonderful sounding instrument.


My classical instruments all share common traits, they are deftly responsive, subtle yet commanding, articulate, and beautiful. We start there, then together we select materials that combined well become your perfect guitar.

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Six-String Classical


My six-string classical model is where it all began for me, I’ve been making them since 1977. I have finely honed my craft and technique and evolved my own unique style and methods. The example shown features a Cedar top.



Seven-String Classical


“Multi-string” classical guitars.  Seven and eight string guitars are commonly played in Brazil, Argentina and other latin countries in South America but becoming more and more prevalent  in the United States and even world wide.   These particular instruments are tuned exactly like a classical guitar but have extra bass string(s).  The 7- string has the extra bass string usually tuned down to B but often tuned to A and in some cases G.



Eight-String Classical


My  Eight-Strings’ two low bass strings are tuned to A and D respectfully but can also be altered to different open notes.  The Eight-string can also be set up with one extra bass and one extra high treble string.  These extra strings give the instrument a sympathetic sound and is very pleasing to the ear.


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