“This is My Soulmate”

I do not look for a strong sounding guitar, but rather, prefer a guitar with a melancholy voice and easy action. Those are my primary criteria when it comes to choosing a guitar. Picking up a James White guitar, from the first interlude, I felt as if “this is my soul mate!”

'Playing with a James White, I feel as if I am singing, as if my James White classical is no longer a guitar, but my own voice.'


The 3 treble and 3 bass strings are in a balanced harmony, the sound is full and clear, whether playing chords or arpeggios. The string tension is just right, providing added confidence during left and right hands movements, and lessen the effort when playing technically complex pieces. James White guitars do not discriminate but are suitable for a wide range of music, from Baroque to South America, to Romantic and Contemporary.


– Doan Huynh



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